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Howard Healthcare Academy Website and Social Media Privacy Policy/ Your Privacy Rights:

This Website and Social Media Private Policy for Howard Healthcare Academy only applies to this “site” and not to other websites or services operated by Howard Healthcare Academy.

We understand that your privacy is very important to you and we at Howard Healthcare Academy are fully committed to protect it. In this Privacy Policy, we go over how we use your information and how we collect the data. We respect and we will always protect your privacy and only use it for the educational purposes.

Social Media:

Howard Healthcare Academy will not require you to:

1. Disclose a user name or password for accessing personal social media

2. Give out any social media information

3. Access personal social media in front of any Howard Healthcare Academy staff

Collection of Personal Information and How We Use It:

Howard Healthcare Academy collects information that you enter through the “site”. We store that information and use it for the academy’s purposes. We do not give out this information to third parties and use it strictly for the academy’s use. We use the information that you provide to us to contact you about;

1. Courses

2. Programs

3. promotional material

4. Alumni Information

5. Job Opportunities

6. Questions

7. Concerns


9. Surveys

10. and anything that has to do with Howard Healthkare Academy.

Freedom of Choice:

Please know that you have a choice to “unsubscribe” from us using your information for our purposes. If this is the case, please email a request to and include the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line. We will follow protocol and take you off the list when the request is received.


We understand that Security is an important issue. We have implemented the necessary procedures that would protect your information from a security breach. However, with the electronic data and electronic transmissions, the security can be breached. We do not guarantee that your personal information can be accessed, used, or released.

Privacy Policy Changes:

This policy can change from year to year. An email will be sent to you providing why the policy changed and the reason for it.

Contact us with concerns about the Private Policy:




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