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RDA Exam Practice

Ready to become a registered dental assistant (RDA)? Enroll in Howard Healthcare Academy’s RDA Practical course, and you can learn what it takes to pass the RDA exam.RDA exam prep San Diego

What Does Our RDA Practical Course Offer?

The Dental Board of California administers the RDA Practical exam, which tests a student’s knowledge of numerous RDA techniques. During our RDA exam prep, we’ll teach you about many RDA topics, including:

  1. Temporary Crown Fabrication

As an RDA, you must be able to fabricate an appropriate temporary crown on tooth number 8 that replicates proximal contact and proper occlusion but does not extend beyond the margin of the crown preparation. Our course will teach you how to perform temporary crown fabrication, and we’ll even provide the typodont, prepared tooth and other materials.

  1. Temporary Crown Cementation

Learn how to complete cementation of a temporary crown on tooth number 8 as part of our RDA practical course. Our expert instructors will teach you the ins and outs of temporary crown cementation and ensure you can perform this task quickly and efficiently at any time.

  1. Temporary Restoration Placement

Perform a temporary restoration on tooth number 19 or tooth number 30 with ease thanks to our RDA exam practice. Our course will teach you about temporary restoration placement, guaranteeing you’ll know how to administer a smooth, sealed temporary restoration and recreate the occlusal anatomy and proximal contact areas of the natural tooth/teeth.

Our RDA Practical course lasts approximately four hours and includes a two-hour hands-on lab and mock RDA practical exam. In addition, our students boast a 90 percent RDA practical passing rate after successful completion of our course.

Why Should You Enroll in Our RDA Practical Class?

Becoming an RDA may seem like a long, arduous process, but Howard Healthcare Academy is happy to help you achieve your career goals. We take pride in delivering an outstanding learning experience and will go the extra mile to ensure you can build your RDA skill set in no time at all.

Plus, our RDA Practical class stands out from traditional RDA exam courses for a number of reasons, including:

  • Experienced Faculty and Staff – Our team possesses industry experience and know-how that they will share with you throughout your learning experience.
  • First-Rate Tools and Technologies – We supply the latest tools and technologies, allowing you to learn how to use state-of-the-art dental equipment.
  • Blended Learning Experience – With our combination of classroom and hands-on lessons, we’ll help you become more confident as you develop your RDA skill set.
  • Affordable Classes – We provide cost-effective classes, guaranteeing you won’t be forced to overspend to complete your RDA training.
  • Convenient Schedules – No one should be forced to revamp their day-to-day schedule to complete RDA classes. Fortunately, we offer convenient class schedules at multiple campus locations, ensuring you can find a course that fits your schedule perfectly.


To learn more about our RDA Practical class, please contact us today at (619) ACADEMY or via email at info(at)howardacademy.com.




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