Orthodontic Assistant Permit

orthodontic assistant permitOrthodontic Assistant Permit

An orthodontic assistant serves as a key contributor in an orthodontics practice and assists patients who require braces, mouth guards, retainers and other dental appliances.

At Howard Healthcare Academy, we offer an Orthodontic Assistant Permit class that ensures you will learn what it takes to provide vital support in the orthodontic specialty.

Here’s everything you need to know about our Orthodontic Assistant Permit course.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an Orthodontic Assistant Permit Holder?

Our Orthodontic Assistant Permit class ensures you will learn how to perform the everyday duties of an orthodontic assistant, such as:

◘ All of the day-to-day tasks of a dental assistant.
◘ The use of an ultrasonic scaler to eliminate excess cement from supragingival surfaces of the teeth undergoing orthodontic treatment.
◘ Proper removal of orthodontic bands, brackets and attachments.
◘ Sizing, fitting and cementing of orthodontic bands.
◘ The placement and entrapment of archwires.
◘ Preparation of teeth for bonding after their position has been approved by a supervising dentist.
◘ In addition, orthodontic assistants possess greater responsibility working with braces and orthodontics than traditional dental assistants. As a result, orthodontic assistants frequently earn higher annual salaries and enjoy better job prospects than most dental assistants.


What Does Your Orthodontic Assistant Permit Course Offer?

Our Orthodontic Assistant Permit class teaches students about a wide range of subjects, including:

◘ Banding
◘ Brackets
◘ Bonding
◘ Cements
◘ Dental Assisting


Our Orthodontic Assistant Permit class ensures students can practice on typodonts and patients with direct supervision. That way, you can become more comfortable with performing orthodontic assistant duties and build your orthodontic assistant skill set.

Students must complete our Orthodontic Assistant Permit class at one of our five San Diego area campus locations. Also, upon successful completion of our class, you’ll receive an OA permit that will remain valid as long as continuing education units are completed every two years.

Why Should You Enroll in Our Orthodontic Assistant Permit Class?

Our Orthodontic Assistant Permit class empowers dental assistants and registered dental assistants (RDAs) to achieve their career goals faster than ever before. In fact, this course offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Experienced Instructors – Our instructors possess real world experience and will share their expertise and insights with you to ensure you can perform the duties of an orthodontic assistant consistently.
  • Unsurpassed Training – We offer both classroom and hands-on lessons to prepare you for a broad array of orthodontic assistant scenarios. Furthermore, we are affiliated with multiple dental education associations and provide superior dental training sessions and education day after day.
  • Flexible Schedules – We offer weekday, weeknight and weekend courses, ensuring you can enroll in an Orthodontic Assistant Permit class that fits your schedule perfectly.

Take advantage of Howard Healthcare Academy’s Orthodontic Assistant Permit class, and ultimately, you’ll be better equipped to aid orthodontic patients.

Please contact our Program Director to find out if you qualify for our Orthodontic Assistant Permit class. After you qualify, times and dates will be determined by one of our Admission Representatives.




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