Coronal Polishing Course

Coronal Polishing Certification

coronal polishing certification

Howard Healthcare Academy offers a coronal polishing course that enables students to learn the fundamentals of coronal polishing. Here’s a closer look at what our coronal polishing certification course has to offer.

What Is Coronal Polishing?

Coronal polishing represents a procedure that dental assistants commonly use to eliminate plaque from a patient’s teeth. It also serves as an essential process to remove stains from the teeth that are caused by substances such as coffee, tea and tobacco.

What Will You Learn in Our Coronal Polishing Class?

Our coronal polishing course combines hands-on training with an unparalleled classroom learning experience and will teach you about a number of coronal polishing topics, including:

• Coronal polishing terms and definitions.
• Anatomy of the head and neck.
• Tooth anatomy.
• Infection control.

Furthermore, our coronal polishing class includes a lecture and lab practice on artificial teeth on day one. And on the second day of class, you’ll begin live patient testing, ensuring you can gain real world experience to help you move one step closer to achieving your goal of becoming a registered dental assistant (RDA).

Is the Coronal Polishing Class Available On Site and Online?

Our coronal polishing class can be completed at one of our Southern California campus locations or at a dental office.

Will I Receive Coronal Polishing Certification Upon Successful Completion of the Class?

After our 12-hour coronal polishing certification class, you will receive a certification in coronal polishing that verifies you know how to properly set-up, prep the patient, floss and use the slow-speed headpiece for optimal cleaning of a patient’s teeth. The certification also lasts forever and does not need to be renewed at any time.

In addition, our coronal polishing class certifies an RDA to polish patients’ teeth. Without successful completion of this class, you will not be able to take the board exam to become an RDA.

Why Should I Enroll in a Coronal Polishing Class from Howard Healthcare Academy?

There are many great reasons to choose Howard Healthcare Academy’s coronal polishing class, including:

• Flexible Schedule – We offer a flexible course schedule, ensuring you won’t have to revamp your work and personal schedule to find time to participate in our class.
• Hands-On Training – We’ll enable you to gain the hands-on skills and know-how needed to perform coronal polishing on a patient’s teeth.
• Professional Instruction – We employ friendly dental professionals who possess years of industry experience and will ensure you understand what it takes to complete coronal polishing day after day.
Best-in-Class Technology – We provide immediate access to a slow-speed headpiece and other state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to learn how to use various best-in-class dental equipment correctly.
• Available at Multiple Locations – We make it easy for you to enroll in our class at any of our Southern California campus locations.

Get your coronal polishing certification by taking Howard Healthcare Academy’s coronal polishing course!

To learn more about our coronal polishing course, please contact us today at (619) ACADEMY or via email at info(at)




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