Dental Assistant Courses

Continuing Education For Dental Assistants


At Howard Healthcare Academy, we offer superior dental assistant courses and dental assistant CEU’s (continuing education units) in San Diego, CA. At Howard, you can receive all of the dental office assistant training that you’ll need to stand out in any dental office, at any time.

Our dental assistant courses include:

  1. Infection Control/Dental Practice Act

Our Infection Control/Dental Practice Act course serves as a 2- or 8-hour class that will certify you to work in a dental office. It is required by the Dental Board of California and will teach you how to keep a dental office safe and infection-free.

  1. Radiation Safety/X-Ray Certification

Our Radiation Safety/X-Ray Certification course will teach you the ins and outs of X-rays. With this class, you’ll learn how to set up, process and mount X-rays properly.

  1. Coronal Polishing

Our 12-hour Coronal Polishing certification class will show you how to prepare a patient for coronal polishing and use a slow-speed headpiece for maximum cleaning.

  1. Scaling

Our Scaling class will teach you how to utilize an ultrasonic scaler for the removal of orthodontic cement.

  1. Pit and Fissure Sealants

Our 16-hour Pit and Fissure Sealants class will show you how to place sealants on a patient’s teeth for protection against cavities.

  1. Orthodontic Assistant

Our Orthodontic Assistant course guarantees that you’ll know how to remove orthodontic brackets and attachments, place and ligate archwires and perform all of the everyday duties of a dental assistant.

  1. RDA Practical

Our RDA Practical course consists of a 2-hour hands-on lab with a simulated RDA practical.

In addition, we offer dental assistant skills courses in a number of areas, including:

  1. Dental Impressions

Our 4-hour Dental Impressions skills course will teach you how to take patients’ dental impressions.

  1. Front Office (Administration)

Our 8-hour Front Office (Administration) skills course will show you what it’s like to function as a dental assistant day after day. It teaches you how to answer phone calls, schedule appointments and support patients properly.

  1. Dental Billing/Coding

Our 4-hour Dental Billing/Coding skills course will teach you how to bill, code and pull insurance information correctly.

Why Should You Choose Howard Healthcare Academy for Dental Assistant Courses?


Unfortunately, not all dental assistant courses are created equal. But with the courses at Howard Healthcare Academy at your disposal, you can learn how to become a successful dental assistant without delay.

Our dental assistant courses and continuing education classes for dental assistants are designed to help students of all experience levels achieve their dental assistant career goals. Thus, we’ll be able to provide you with the skills and know-how that you need to succeed as a dental assistant.

Enroll in dental office assistant training courses from Howard Healthcare Academy today! To learn more about our course offerings, please contact us at (619) ACADEMY.




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