3 Things You Need to Know About Our RDAEF Training Program


3 Things You Need to Know About Our RDAEF Training Program

Ready to become a registered dental assistant – extended function (RDAEF)? Thanks to Howard Healthcare Academy, you can learn what it takes to become a successful RDAEF as part of our RDAEF training program.

Here are three things you need to know about our RDAEF course and its benefits.

  1. We offer the only RDAEF program in San Diego.

In today’s highly competitive dental field, becoming an RDA sometimes is insufficient. As a result, many RDAs pursue RDAEF certification to ensure they can perform “extended functions” in a dental practice and boost their chances of landing their dream job.

At Howard Healthcare Academy, we provide the only RDAEF program in San Diego, and our RDAEF course will teach you about:

  1. The use of cord retraction for gingivae for impression procedures;
  2. The importance of proper placement, contouring and finishing of direct filling restorations;
  3. The differences between amalgam and composite fillings;
  4. How to administer permanent restorations on prepped teeth;
  5. How to take impressions for cast restorations; and
  6. How to adjust and cement permanent crowns.

Upon successful completion of our course, you’ll receive a Dental Board of California-approved certificate. However, it is important to note that you’ll also need to complete continuing education credits to maintain this certification.

  1. We provide our RDAEF class to part- and full-time students.

With Howard Healthcare Academy, RDAs who want to take another step forward in their careers can enroll in an RDAEF course that fits their schedule.

Our RDAEF class is offered as part of a six- or 12-month program, and all of our sessions are held on weekends. That way, you won’t need to sacrifice your weekday activities to find time to receive comprehensive RDAEF training.

  1. We deliver an outstanding learning experience.

When it comes to RDAEF training, only the best classes will suffice. Thus, we offer an in-depth RDAEF course that ensures you’ll be able to build your RDAEF skill set in an engaging learning environment.

During our RDAEF training program, you can leverage state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you are fully prepared to perform RDAEF duties in a dental practice. Also, our program provides immediate access to faculty and staff with many years of experience, guaranteeing you’ll be able to receive expert support at all times.

Take the next step in your dental career – enroll in an RDAEF class at Howard Healthcare Academy, and you can reap the benefits of an unparalleled learning experience.

Are you ready to enroll in an RDAEF course? To learn more about our classes, please contact us at (619) ACADEMY or info@howardacademy.com.

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